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Return multiple rows from Table B in a Table A layout

Question asked by Stu412 on Dec 11, 2014
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Return multiple rows from Table B in a Table A layout


Hi there

Still a FM noob!  I have two tables, we'll call them Names and Financial.  I have 30 records in Names and around 2000 records in Financial which are sales made to the Names.  As a side, I've created a list layout based purely on Financial which provides summary data using GetSummary and now I need to take things a step further.

I've related the two tables by NameID (PK Names, FK Financial) and I want to create a layout based on Name showing the summary data I already have.  The relationship type is '=' with crows feet either end, suggesting many to many.  (Not sure if I need to make this an 'x').

The aim is to have 30 records I can flip through, each with a summary of the customer data as it's required by year and type.  My current layout is obviously based on 2000 records - it looks good but isn't ideal for end users.

I've tried adding a portal to a form by name layout and using the GetSummary fields from the Financial table, but these appear blank, despite the existing relationship.  

In my previous existence working with Crystal Reports, I'd have added a sub report based on the list layout I have and linked it by NameID, but things are different here:)  

Hope that all makes sense, thanks in advance.