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Return Separated Values to Portal Rows

Question asked by obospieler on Oct 5, 2014
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Return Separated Values to Portal Rows


Hello all!



My question is this:

Is there a way to take a list of return separated values which in this case are "Tags" (from a field powered by checkbox) and then create an individual line item for each tag in a portal?

I am asking because of the way the ODBC/MySQL I am accessing stores info.  In my FileMaker DB for my recordings, the value list for "Tags" comes from one of the ODBC tables called "terms" which contains a PK and the actual tag name.  

So in FileMaker, every time I check a box to add that specific tag to my record, it adds the PK to the tag field in my FileMaker DB.  The PKs in the tag field are all return separated (as per usual with Checkboxes in FileMaker)

As ONE part of a larger script which copies the data from my Recordings table in FileMaker into a new record in the Recordings table in the ODBC/MySQL database, I would like to make an entry in a join table between Tags and recordings.


In the crude map I have drawn below I am trying to illustrate that I need to take these return separated values from the tags field in my FM DB and make one entry in the join table for each of the values.

What are your thoughts?