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Return To Layout Script

Question asked by dekade1 on Mar 27, 2009
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Return To Layout Script


I am writing a script to return to a layout. Here's what I need to do.


1 - I am entering data on Layout A

2 - I now will click a button to start Script 1 ... (this step I can do)

3 - I want Script 1 to first remember that I am currently on Layout A ... (this step I am having trouble with)

4 - Then I want the Script 1 steps to go to Layout B so that I can do some data entry Layout B ... (this step I can do)

5 - After I am done with the data entry I want to press another button to start Script 2 ... (this step I can do)

6 - Script 2 will take me back to original Layout A ... (this step I am having trouble with)


Any help would be greatly appreciated