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    Return to previous Tab and Record



      Return to previous Tab and Record


      I have a database that has a Main_Layout.  Within this layout is a number of tabs (Five).  In these tabs there are a number of scripts that will go to a additional layouts to view a related records of more data on the current record.

      When I view a related record and then close the additional layouts (Go to Layout Main_Layout) the Main Layout will open, at the correct record, but at the first tab, even though I may have been last on the second tab.  I would like to set the last active/viewed tab I was last on so I can return to it after opening another layout.

      Any ideas....?


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          Use the name box at the top of the inspector's tab to give each tab panel an object name.

          Your scripts that change layouts should first record the object name of the current tab panel and put it in a global variable such as $$TabName

          Then, when returning to the layout, Go to Object [$$Tabname] will select that tab and bring it back to the front.