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Return to table row

Question asked by synergy46 on Apr 18, 2009
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Return to table row


There is a layout name Members.  On this layout is a portal.  The portal references Accounts.


   AccountNUM:  (text)

   Description:    (text)



These two fields are in a portal.  I have setup a script trigger that executes on AccountNum Save.  The ST goes to an Accounts layout and does a Find in the AccountNum field.   If it finds the AccountNum it sets a variable to the value of the Description.


I need a way 'capture' the table row when the ST fires, perform the find (it finds the first occurance), copy the Description of the found record to a variable and then go back to the 'set' row and insert the description.


The basic problem is I can't find any way to dynamically name an object or row.  I know FM allows for a Goto Record By 'calculation' but I don't see any way to capture the current table row and then go to that row when finished.   FM seems short in allowing this kind of thing.


Your thoughts are appreciated.