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Return value from specific layout/location

Question asked by lbl159 on Jul 17, 2015
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Return value from specific layout/location


First a little background:

I'm having an issue with a function. Throughout our database we use the field "Investor Amount Total" which just totals the field "Investor Amount". We also have a field "Investor Total Percent" which provides each investors divides Investor Amount/Investor Amount Total.  The problem is that "Investor Amount Total" and "Investor Amount" are used in many different layouts and sum up different groups of numbers. This leaves the "Investor Total Percent" calculation confused. In some locations "Investor Total Percent" will retrieve the "Investor Amount Total" from one location, and "Investor Amount" from a different location, leading to incorrect percentages. 

Now here comes my question:

There is one layout where all of the data is being pulled from the correct location and everything is perfect. I want to create a new field that will draw the field "Investor Total Percent" but ONLY from the layout the provides all of the correct information. Is this something that's possible to do?