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Returning Lists From Complex Finds: Assistance Needed

Question asked by James_L on Jun 13, 2013
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Returning Lists From Complex Finds: Assistance Needed


     I've got a file with multiple tables in many-to-many relationships.


     Project <---> Join_1 <---> Research_trips<----> Join_2<-----> Research_details

     For each project, there can be many research trips (which might also join to other projects, hence the join table); similarly, there are many research details, each of which might apply to one or more research trips.

     I'm trying to produce a list for export to Word or Pages that contains several details: I need to organize pretty much in descending order:

     WHICH PROJECT (this table will spawn the reports)

     TRIP DATE (and some details from the Research Trips table)

     All the research details for that trip date.


     I'm sure this is ridiculously easy, but I can't seem to get a handle on the best way to export this stuff out to a word-processor that will allow me to order it in reports.   And while I can generate a nice portal that presents this data, I'm even having trouble "Getting Related Records" from the Project Table that produces a list of Research Details for the current Project record.

     If you've dealt with a similar issue and have some ideas of the best way to order and export data, I'd be really grateful: general strategies are welcome, as I've tried several and am sure that I'm missing something conceptually here.