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Returning multiple answers from a match field

Question asked by OllySedden on Oct 4, 2012
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Returning multiple answers from a match field




     I'm really new to FileMaker Pro Advanced (to any form of programming in fact!)


     Basically; i have two tables displaying various columns of information (the two tables have the same columns in each). Its comparing existing products with products we would like to replace them with; so the columns could be the power of the fitting, output, etc... 

     I want to select an existing fitting from a dropdown menu (which i've managed to do...). I then want to select the type of fitting to replace the product with another dropdown menu. I then need to be able to select one from all the options available that match the same 'type of fitting'. there are, say, 5 types of fitting, each type could contain several dozen to several hundred products; but i want the sheet to list all those products with the say type.


     So far i can only get it to return 1 possible product instead of giving me a choice between multiple products...


     can anyone help? any help would be much appreciated!