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returning null value fields

Question asked by LeighMorgan on Dec 30, 2013
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returning null value fields



     I am a cabinetmaker. I created a database for the construction of cabinets my input fields are ID, Job Name, Type, Width, Height, Depth. all of my other fields are calculations. some fields do not return any data because of the differences in "type. my finds are always the same. I always use "Job" to return all of the necessary fields for each cabinet. I use several layouts in the form of reports to print different cutlists for each phase of construction. i.e. cabinet box const. or door size list, ect. my reports are showing all records from the specified job, whether or not there is any data. for some records, the only field with any data in it is the "job" field. I would like these to not show in my layout reports. can anybody help