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    Returning Portal count



      Returning Portal count


      I was looking but is there a way to display the total count of portal records.


      I am looking to display a Shown 1-n of nn with some navigation rather than a vertical scroll bar.

      (I have some large related sets of data)



      Is there an example of this kind of thing somewhere.


      Is it even worth it due to portal resets?

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          Well a calculation field with Count ( PortalTableOccurrence::NeveremptyField ) will display your total count of related records--thus the total records in your portal at any given time.


          I've used a number of portal filtering strategies to prune down the total number of records visible at one time. (To select another group of records for viewing/editing, you select a different value in a drop down that's part of the filtering or click a button that performs a script that changes a filter field's value.)

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                 In March, 2013 Soliant Consulting published Sara Severson's excellent script for dynamically filtering portal results (capability introduced in FM11) as users type into a global field:




                 I too had the impulse to display a count of the results, and added two lines to her script to set $$Filtered_Portal_Count as the filter is updated:


                 Between Sara's two lines:


                 Set Field by Name [$field ; Evaluate ($field)] // Refresh portal without flicker

                 Go to Object [Object Name: $filter] // Return to global filter field


                 Nowadays, such a variable can be merged into a layout without the creation of a field!