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    Returning to field



      Returning to field


           Hi Guys


           i have a script for validating a phone number the script is working apart from the fact that it will not return the user to the phone number field if the phone number is incorrect. I have attached a screen shot of the script steps.


           Thanks in advance for any help.






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               Not certain what the problem is, but your first two steps seem funky. If the called scripts are simply allowing user abort and setting error capture on, these can be accomplished by script steps. Perhaps the called scripts are doing other things like setting variables?

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                 After Go to Field, add Exit Script [False]

                 this step with this parameter will cancel out the "triggering event" that I am guessing tripped a script trigger to perform the script. Without that step, your script does the go to field, but then the triggering event goes ahead and moves the focus to the next field in the tab order or the field clicked by the user.