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Reusing Portal records

Question asked by lowededwookie on Jun 8, 2014
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Reusing Portal records


     I'm building a job logging system and I currently have three tables.

     The first is a company table which essentially has the Company details such as site address.

     The second is a contacts table which holds the site contacts

     The third is a job sheet.

     The problem I'm having is the job sheet. What I need it to do is connect to the company and then a user associated with that company.

     If the company does not exist then I need the Job Sheet to allow me to create a company and then a user associated with that company. If I use a Portal then how do I select just the company I need then just the user I need?

     I'm thinking I need unique names on the company but if I use unique names on the users will it spit the dummy when a user with the same name but with a different company needs to be setup?

     I'm also thinking to allow selection of specific companies and users I would need to do some scripting but I can't work out how exactly to do this. Do I use a drop down or can I find some way of finding records based on me typing into a box?

     I think if I can get this sorted the rest of what I need to do will come so smoothly.