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Reverse sort a drop-down list?

Question asked by JimBessette on Dec 3, 2013
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Reverse sort a drop-down list?


     I have a drop down list that consists of a Key and a second field that is a Code.   In my table where this code resides, I already have a calculated field, SortCriteria that is the result of parsing this code.  It ends up being year, month and a letter/number combination.  For example a Code of  AA07/14/2A ends up with SortCriteria being 2014072A (The AA part is not relevant.)  I still will have 20th century Codes:  AA07/93/2A.  That becomes 1993072A of course.

     My current drop down must use the key field value, and show the secondary field of Code.  I've created another calculated field that is a combination of SortCriteria and Code (having to show both).

     I can't seem to find a way to sort in reverse order.  What happens is all my oldest codes (early year) are on top, when I want exactly the opposite.  Ideally, I wouldn't show the SortCriteria part at all, and just have the Codes sorted - in reverse order.

     Any tricks or suggestions on how to accomplish that would be appreciated.

     Thanks, Jim