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    Reversed First and last names by accident



      Reversed First and last names by accident


      I have a very large database (FM 11).  One person, by accident, had there first and last names reversed, and that person hasabout 50 dates of service.

      John Smith                                    7/1/12

      John Smith                                   7/2/12

      and so on to change to:

      Smith John                                    7/1/12

      Smith John                                    7/2/12

      and so on.


      I guess I am looking for a find and replace option in FM.




      Is there a way to reverse the order of the name without losing the dates of service already recorded?

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          Yes, if you can correctly perform a find to find all records where this change is needed. Then correct the data in one field and leave the cursor in the field. Select Replace Field Contents from the Records menu and use the "current value" option to update all the other records in your found set.

          Since this can change literally 1000's of records in your database and can't be undone, make a backup copy of your database before trying to use Replace Field contents so you can throw out your current file and try again if you make a mistake.