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Revert <Unrelated Table> issue

Question asked by MarkMoreno on Dec 6, 2010
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Revert issue


Dear Forum Crowd,

   In creating a database and tinkering with it, I attempted to create a relationship with another database.  I succeeded, but I decided to tinker some more.  In so doing I inadvertently may have messed things up.  Wanting to revert my database back to it's original state, I ended up with every field in the database saying, <Unrelated Table> while in Browse Mode and saying, (::Field Name) when in Layout Mode.

What did I do wrong and how do I put things back the way they were with the original unrelated database?

In old versions of FileMaker this was never a problem, nor did I ever have to PAY for help because everything was totally intuitive.

I of course could trash the database and start over because it is a simple one, but it seems like this is the chicken way out.   Mark