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    Revert <Unrelated Table> issue



      Revert issue


      Dear Forum Crowd,

         In creating a database and tinkering with it, I attempted to create a relationship with another database.  I succeeded, but I decided to tinker some more.  In so doing I inadvertently may have messed things up.  Wanting to revert my database back to it's original state, I ended up with every field in the database saying, <Unrelated Table> while in Browse Mode and saying, (::Field Name) when in Layout Mode.

      What did I do wrong and how do I put things back the way they were with the original unrelated database?

      In old versions of FileMaker this was never a problem, nor did I ever have to PAY for help because everything was totally intuitive.

      I of course could trash the database and start over because it is a simple one, but it seems like this is the chicken way out.   Mark

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          Enter layout mode and check the Table Occurrence listed in "Show Records From" in Layout Setup...

          Now double click your fields while in layout mode and note the name of the Table Occurrence specified for this field. I predict they will be different.

          Table Occurrences are the "boxes" on your relationship graph. If there is no relationship between the layout's table occurrence select in Layout Setup... and the table occurrence specified for the fields present on your layout, you'll get this error message. FileMaker is telling you: "I know there's a field and table out there, but I have no way to determine which record in that table should be supplying data for the current record of this layout because there's no relationship to use to make that determination."

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            Thanks!  It works.  And actually now that I have tinkered with it more it makes more sense.  A graphic representaion is interesting and may be more intuitive for some.

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              And here we are, nearly five years later, and the answer still holds up. Just fixed my problem too---thanks!