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Revert Database to Previous Date / Undo Import

Question asked by scottgma on Feb 12, 2010
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Revert Database to Previous Date / Undo Import


So I started this job Monday, and I have already messed up the data base. We have a website that handles all our online orders and online profiles, so I have to do a web import in order to get all the files into File Maker. Everything is already created by the person prior to me, but I realized I wasn't doing web imports, instead i was doing File -> Import Records. Now there duplicate records for each person.


I am wondering if there is any way to revert the whole data base to a time previously this week? Kind of like Windows has a system roll back, I would like to undo all the changes I made this past few days because I can add those later.


Is there is way to roll back or even undo imports?  


Also, I am using Filemaker 10 on Windows XP.