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    Revert Database to Previous Date / Undo Import



      Revert Database to Previous Date / Undo Import


      So I started this job Monday, and I have already messed up the data base. We have a website that handles all our online orders and online profiles, so I have to do a web import in order to get all the files into File Maker. Everything is already created by the person prior to me, but I realized I wasn't doing web imports, instead i was doing File -> Import Records. Now there duplicate records for each person.


      I am wondering if there is any way to revert the whole data base to a time previously this week? Kind of like Windows has a system roll back, I would like to undo all the changes I made this past few days because I can add those later.


      Is there is way to roll back or even undo imports?  


      Also, I am using Filemaker 10 on Windows XP. 

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          Howdy scott,


          Sorry to hear about your troubles.


          Yesterday's backups (or Monday's) are looking really good right now.  You just started, have you met the IT guy yet?  Sounds like you're about to...


          FMP does not have a rollback feature native, but your system may have something like it...it depends on who decided to implement what.


          If they let you start on Monday, then import many files into a live database with no backups...shame on them.

          Making mistakes is part of everyone's learning process.