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    Revert Record issue



      Revert Record issue


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               In the above image,when i click save the data from the entry mode shifts to view mode.The V no is an automatic generated number.I dont know why does it acts like this.When i add anything in the portal and click utside ,it shows this error...Sometimes it works n soemtiems not..The V number is a unique number created by a script n a command.

               Please help me on urgent basis..Both the portal are from related and one table...

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                        The V no is an automatic generated number.

                   That does not appear to be the case in the JV Entry Form table shown in your screen shot as that field option is not listed for the V No field. Perhaps that is the case for a matching field in your JV Main File table.

                   But you have at least two different tables involved here. This validation could be a field option in the JV Main File table.

                   The message shown is a custom validation error message someone created in Field options for one of your fields.

                   If you can check each field for that message and check to see what validation errors might cause that message to appear, you might just get the clue you need to figure out why this is working.

                   And which of these two tables is the basis for your portal and which the basis for your layout?