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Review my Database schema

Question asked by rjett on Jun 1, 2010
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Review my Database schema


I'm new to database theory and Filemaker in general. I've been asked to come up with a Vans database for our company to track all our vans, maintenance, drivers, and any accidents. Before I actually dive in, I wanted to make sure I had a solid relational model. Here's what I have:


Table 1: Vans                                               Table 2: Maintenance                   Table 3: Drivers                           Table 4: Accidents

Fields: van_id (prime key)                         Fields: maintenance_id (PK)       Fields: driver_id (PK)                  Fields: accident_id (PK)

              make                                                             mileage                                            driver_name                                 damage

             model                                                             work_done                                       license_expiration                      liability_amt

              year                                                                cost                                                                                                           van_id(FK)

             purchase_date                                             driver_id (FK)                                                                                          driver_id(FK)

             purchase_amount                                       van_id (FK)

             license_plate                                                comments




             driver_id (FK)


I'm not sure if all this makes sense. I'm assuming that I'll just link up the primary keys to the foreign keys in the other tables in the relationships interface of filemaker. Since I'm new at this, any guidance would be appreciated.