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REVISED - Multiple "selecting / counting"

Question asked by Dekade on Aug 14, 2012
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REVISED - Multiple "selecting / counting"


I am wanting to set up a list of 50 to 75 topics that will show globally on each record. I want to be able to place a "checkmark" per say (or some kind of a selection notation) beside one or more topics that I want associated with each individual record. I would also like there to be a "total count" of each individual topic. This count would show either to the left or the right of the 'topic' and might be shown inside of parentheses, brackets etc. The total count would also show globally.

I don't think I can do something like that with a drop down list - and I'm not sure about the repeating field procedure being applicable either.

Does anyone have an idea of how to set up this scenario?




1)  Field:Category_Series1     [this field is global, and repeating, and each repetition has a different one or two word description]

2)  Field:Series1_Select    [this field is global, and repeating, and is currently a radio button 'yes' or 'no']; if any repetition has "Yes" selected then that repetition requires to be counted in the respective Series1_Count repetition.

3)  Field:Series1_Count    [this field is currently global and a repeating field]

4)  All three fields are vertical repetitions and are side by side left to right

5)  Desired calculation:

     a.)    Category_Series1,example: Record #12,    has Repetition 6 = "Brown House"; and Repetition 23 = "2 Story House"

     b.)     There are maybe 345 records in the database

     c.)     Series1_count,  example: any record (because the field is global) will show that Series1_Count, Repetition 6 in the database has a total of 57 records that have a 'Brown House' and the record will also show that Series1_Count, Repetition 23 in the database has a total of 11 records that have a '2 Story House'.

Thus, what is the calculation that I need to input into "Series1_Count"?

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again,