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    Revising a record



      Revising a record


           New to FMPro...

           I want to revise the design of the page attached (record), to include an area with data pertinent to initial product information input.

           Can anyone suggest where I might go to inform myself on how to accomplish this change/update?



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               You show a layout that was in Find mode at the time you captured this image. It does not resemble any of the "starter solutions" that cam with different versions of FIleMaker so we have only a limited idea of how this file was designed. Understanding the current design of your file is key to being successful in modifying it.

               There are quite a few training resources available for learning how to use FIleMaker to create relational databases. Some are books, some are videos.

               You are also welcome to ask specific questions here, but to do so, you'll need to be able to describe the design of your database and what you want in enough detail that people responding can then make meaningful suggestions on how to modify your file.