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      I was reading the "Everything Reference" and it contains a color chart with RGB values. It suggests the values can be useful in formatting text via a script . . . no problem . . I understand that. It then goes on to say the RGB values (8 bit absolute I believe) can be entered in the "color picker". Hmmm . . . does anyone know if this is the case? I can't see any way of doing this. It would be convenient; take a look at the chart, find what you want, and specify the values you need for your object/text/whatever. Color management currently seems deficient in FM compared to some other applications, and if the above theory were true, this would definitely be a leg up.




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             I am not really sure what you're after, but if you select 'Other Color…' the OS color picker will open and you can enter numerical RGB values.
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            Following along from Comment's suggestion above, you will find this dialog in the Sliders tab of the color picker(on Mac OS X):


            RGB, CMYK, Gray Scale Sliders 

            You can select RGB, CMYK, Gray Scale, etc. and key in known values or simply drag the sliders.