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Richer Web Viewer?

Question asked by SteveFransen_1 on Oct 22, 2014


Richer Web Viewer?


We'd like to use a Web Viewer to display data so we can take advantage of the rich set of rendering and interactive capabilities that come with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

We've tried using FileMaker Pro's Web Viewer, referencing our data with the data:text/html statement. However that requires us to manipulate the HTML to escape every double quote in all the JavaScript quoted strings as well as adding the table:field references to access our data.  While we can compose this manipulated HTML string in FileMaker Pro, or in another HTML editor, we can't test or visualize the correctness of the HTML anywhere other than in FileMaker Pro which makes for longer than desired development cycles. 

Is there a better way, a third party web viewer plugin for example, that would allow us to work more efficiently?

Thanks for your help