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    Right click issue ... OSX



      Right click issue ... OSX


           I have a strange issue on one particular computer where the right click will not produce the usual menu.  Strange thing is that it works fine on data base A on this particular computer and not on database B.  I've verified the computer settins and can't see anything that would stop it from properly working.  I've also verified and confirmed that the right clicking in data base B works fine on other systems, they are however running a more recent version of OSX.  All computers are running FM12.


           Any ideas?

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               Two possibilities to check:

          1.           A custom menu may have omitted the corresponding menu options.
          3.           A restrictive option in "Available Menu Commands" for the user's privilege set may omit the corresponding menu options. (See Manage | Security.)


               Either way, when the corresponding menu options are made unavailable, the corresponding keyboard short cuts and context menu options are also unavailable.

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                 The second scenario was it.  I thought I was simply limiting the options of editing layouts etc. and wasn't aware that it also stopped the right click from working properly.


                 As always, thanks Phil!!!