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Robot File automatically running script in MAIN protected file

Question asked by Lada on Dec 13, 2010
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Robot File automatically running script in MAIN protected file


I have FM Pro 11, FM Server 11, running on Windows.

I do not know how to open protected file autamatically via script.

I have a database (file A) in which I have a script automatically generating daily reports. Unfortunatelly I can not use FM Server Scheduler as the script is not fully compatible with the FM Scheduler. (Save as pdf script step). This file A has many accounts with user names and passwords, every account has a password.

I read about work around by means of "robot file". I have installed FM Pro on the server machine. Created robot file B with simple script. That script starts automatically with opening of the file B. This file will be launched via Microsoft scheduler later on. Now testing robot file B (by double click in filecommander).

When I establish some account with password in file B, I must put it manually into log in dialog window. Once I do it, script in file B start script in file A (again after manual log in input) and script runs succesfully.

I just do not know how to put in my script user and password so that script runs without manual input.

File B does not need necesarily to be protected but file A must have all user name with passwords.