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    Roll Labels



      Roll Labels


      I wish to print to an Avery roll label (9170) which is not a listed label in Filemaker.  The manual covers roll labels for dot matrix printers (which have a wider overall label due to the guide pins) but not for dedicated label printers.  I know you can make a custom label size but I am a little confused as to how to set the margins etc. especially since it is on a roll and not a page.


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             What type of printer are you using, which version of FM, and what OS?
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               I haven't bought the printer yet but it will be one of those that are used for roll labels - Avery or Dymo.  I have FM 10 Pro Advanced and use 10.5.7 on a MacBook Pro (2006)
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              I haven't used the Avery, but the Dymo version works fine with FMP9 and Mac OS, Tiger & above.  It comes with pre-defined paper sizes, as part of the printer driver, and you are limited to using labels with those sizes.


              I'm curious what environment you will be using the labels, as we've moved away from the Dymo to the Zebra label printers.  Thermal transfer labels can be much more durable and detailed, especially when it comes to printing 2D barcodes.

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                   I am going to us it as part of a child checkin system at my church.  When a child checks in two identical labels will print, one for the child and one for the parent/guardian.  Nothing fancy just name and random number to be compared at checkout for contact and security purposes.
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                     I'd recommend using a serial number instead of a random number. While the odds are extremely low (as in winning the lottery low) that you'd get two identical name/number combinations, the odds aren't strictly zero but you can get zero chance of duplication with a serial number instead of the random number.
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                       The Dymo would work fine for this, with Mac OS X and Filemaker.  And, I agree with PhilModJunk, use a serial number instead - plus, it's easier to implement.
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                         I said random number, I meant serial number.   Thanks folks.