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Rolodex operation with parse

Question asked by GaryCowley on Oct 11, 2009
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Rolodex operation with parse


I am using a script from a contact-management--The Get(ScriptParameter) is the Letter of the Rolodex button.

 set error capture (on)

Enter find Mode

Set field [Contacts::k_Contacts_search;Get(ScriptParameter)]

Perform Find

If [Get(LastError = 401]

Show Custom Dialog ["No Customers Found"; " No customers with the name starting with "& Quote(Get(ScriptParameter)) & was found. "]

Show all records

End If


This works but finds any use of that letter in the company name--

I want to look at the first letter only.

I have tried to add after the --------- Set field [Contacts::k_Contacts_search;Get(ScriptParameter)]

the following -----------Set field [Contacts::k_Contacts_search;LeftWords(Contacts::k_Contacts_search; 1)]  


I have used filemaker for many years but have a limited knowledge of syntax or calcs.