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    Rookie help - display field in a report



      Rookie help - display field in a report


      I'm trying to show the Project Name field on specific reports but can't seem to make it work. The table has only one record for basic project information, name, number, cost etc. I'm making a report based upon the submittals table and have added a field in the header for project name. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this to display the value. Attached is a screen shot of the relationship diagram.


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          Looks to me like your report should be based on the join table: JobContacts_Submittals.

          A given record in submittals can link to multiple join records, each of which might link to a different contact and through contact, link to a different record in the projectinfo table(occurrence).

          So it seems a bit problematic from your current data model to start from a record or group of records in Submittals and link to only one record in ProjectInfo in order to show the name.

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            Let me explain a bit. This database model is a template. In this model there will never be more than one Project. One project, many contacts, many submittals, many bulletins, etc. I'd like to include the Project Name, the Project Number etc. on various reports to be developed showing records from various tables. The first one I developed is sorting records in the submittals table, and that I have working fine. Its just how to add this specific project information and have it display that eludes me.

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              Here's a screen shot of the layout I have. 

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                Then you should be able to use the field tool to add this field to your layout as long as you are careful to select the ProjectInfo table occurrence before selecting the ProjectName field. My concern was that you might not always get the correct project name on your report given the current data model.

                If you are getting an empty field, then you need to look at the data in your intermediary tables. In order for data to appear in the header of your report, the current(browse mode) or first (Preview/print/PDF) record in your found set of submittals records must match to a record in the join table, which must in turn match to a record in contacts which then in turn matches to that single record in ProjectInfo. If you have any gap in that chain, you don't get anything in your field.

                If you never plan to have more than one record in ProjectInfo, you don't really need the relationships set up this way. You could either copy the project name to a global text field or global variable and then you can access this name from any layout in your file no matter what relationships are in place. You could also link ProjectInfo (Or a different occurrence of ProjectInfo) directly to Submittals using the X operator instead of the default = and then any field in ProjectInfo would be directly accessible to any record in Submittals.