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Rookie needs help . . . formatting? I'm sorry, not sure what to call it . . .

Question asked by markjennb on Feb 26, 2010
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Rookie needs help . . . formatting? I'm sorry, not sure what to call it . . .


1. The version of FileMaker Pro you are using. FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3

2. The operating system and version you are using. Mac OS X 10.5.8

3. Describe as much detail about your database as is pertinent to your question.  Otherwise, other forum participants will have to guess and/or ask for more information.


My database consists of 5 columns (Number, Name, Text, Text, Drop-down menu)...the last column is chosen via a drop down menu with 8 choices. 

4. Give examples of what you are trying to accomplish, but can't.  For example, how you want a report to list information, what related information is not showing, etc.  This can really help the responder(s) when they suggest a solution.


Once the last column is chosen, I need all other entries that have the same number in the 1st column (Number) to change to the same choice in the drop down column. So the user picks "Day One" from the drop-down menu which has a number 88 in the 1st column, I need all other items that have an 88 in the first column to automatically change to "Day One" also.

5. Try to indicate your level of experience with FileMaker and/or other database designs.  If the person responding to your post knows that you are a newer user, they can give a more detailed step by step description. Rookie, in way over my head . . . 


6. Please indicate whether your database file is being shared over a network, or being published to the web via either Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or Custom Web Publishing (CWP). Not being shared


Thank you to anybody who can help, it is really appreciated!