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    Room Allocation



      Room Allocation


      I am trying to design a FileMaker 9 Room Allocation Solution into a students database and I cannot see how to make it. The solution I am trying to do is as follows:


      1) The Student comes to our secretaries office to book for a specific room

      2) On paper the secretary checks for that day if the room is available for a specific time (sometimes students book for more than an hour).


      Wishing that someone would give me an idea on how to design this one!!!

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          What do you mean by "On paper"? If your students are continually reserving rooms and checking availability throughout the day, wouldn't you do all this on a computer screen?


          Assuming that is the case.


          Two tables: Rooms, 1 record represents 1 room and Reservations, 1 record represents the shortest block of time a student can reserver for a given room (1 Hour or 1/2 hour is my guess from your description).


          In Rooms, you need at least one field: RoomID--either a room number or an auto-entered serial number. If you use a serial number, add a second field for the room number.

          In Rooms, you need at least three fields: RoomID, TimeSlot, StudentName


          One relationship:  Rooms :: RoomID = Reservations :: RoomID


          Set up a rooms layout where you can see all pertinent fields about the room. Add a portal to Reservations. Set your portal up to be sorted by time slot in ascending order.


          Now you can reserve a room by finding that room record on your layout and entering the student's name in an open time slot.


          That work for you?

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            Your say is very basic and not accurate regarding validation. In this case the tables will be as follows:


            TblRooms            TblReservations

            Room_ID             Booking_ID

            Room_Name        Reservation_Date

            etc..                    Reservation_Time




            Can there be a validation on Room_ID, Reservation_Date, and Reservation_Time assuming the reservation is for 1 hour?


            Sorry for bothering you guys but I need to know if this validation is possible in version 9!






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              Try adding a text field to the Reservations table that auto-enters the concatenation of room ID, date and time (replacing existing value). Validate this field as unique, validate always.




              This is assuming reservations always start on the hour and last an hour - otherwise you'll need to validate against a self-join relationship of overlapping reservations.