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      Good Afternoon everybody,

      Can somebody point me in the right direction in how to do this or if this is even possible.

      I have a list of Products(item Numbers) in a portal, and im trying to route all jobs to their corresponding "artist". What i don't want to do is send 1 email per Item Number, because multiple Products (Item number) can go to the same artist.

      I want to be able to route hopefully with one click all Products(item Numbers) under my portal to the Artist that's assigned 2.

      Thanks in advance

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          Thank you for your post.


          You could print the current record to PDF and send it as an attachment. This then shows the portal information.  Or, did you want the products listed as text in an email?  If so, does each product appear on a separate line?  If so, what information from the portal do you want displayed besides the Item?


          This can definitely be accomplished with a script.  If you provide more information, I'll get you pointed in the right direction.



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            I wanted the products listed as text in an email to their corresponding artist.


            Yes, each product appear on a separate line.  other information to be on the email besides the item would be the Task, Due Date. 


            Thanks TSGAL...

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              Thanks for the clarification.


              Here is a sample script.  This is not the most efficient script, but it is easy to understand.  Comments begin with "#".


              # Go to the layout that holds the Artist information, go into Browse Mode and go to the first record

              Go to Layout [ <layout with Artist information> ]

              Enter Browse Mode []

              Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


              # For this example, the Artist table is related to the Products table via the key field "ID"

              # In essence, we are going to start with the first record, capture the ID, switch to the Products table

              #     and capture each of the Product, Task, and Due Date information.  That information will be stored

              #     in the variable $var

              # When through with the Products file, we'll return to the Artist table, Send the email with the contents

              #     of the variable and then proceed to the next Artist.



                 # initialize the variable $var for each Artist, and set the ID to a variable $id

                 Set Variable [ $var ; "" ]

                 Set Variable [ $id ; Artists:: ID ] 


                 # Switch over to the Products table 

                 Go to Layout [ <Layout that displays Products Information> ]


                 # find all related records

                 Perform Find [ Products:: ID = $id ] 


                 # enter a new loop to go through all the found records


                    Set Variable [ $var ; $var & Products:: Item & " - " & Products:: Task & " - " & Products:: Due Date & "¶" ]

                    Go to Record/Request [ Next ; Exit after last ]

                 End Loop


                 # switch back to the Artists Layout

                 Go to Layout [ <layout with Artist information> ]


                 # send the email 

                 Send Mail [ No dialog ; To: <Email field> ; Subject: <text or field information> ; Message: $var ]


                 # go to the next record

                 Go to Record/Request [ Next; Exit after last ] 


              End Loop


              ---------------  END SCRIPT -----------------


              Hopefully, this is self-explanatory and should get you pointed in the right direction.


              If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.  I'm going home for the day, so take your time replying.  :-)



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                Thanks TSGAL.   I played with it, and played with it, and finally i was able to make it work with a few changes.


                Thanks for your help...