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    Run a schedule on server from iPad



      Run a schedule on server from iPad



           I'm trying to figure out how to make solid exporting for one of our client. I want to make script on EXPORT button which will run a schedule with exporting set up on Filemaker server. Files will export to dropbox folder or will be copied to one. So regardless of device and it's set up, exported file will be saved into shared dropbox folder for other employees to use.

           Is there a way to achieve this, or something similar?

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               A schedule runs on a specified time interval. Where does "run a schedule from iPad" come into this scheme?

               Server Scheduled scripts have sever limitations when it comes to what they can import/export and what locations you can specify. A drop box folder is not one of the possible locations to which you can export data unless server 13 added some capabilities of which I am unaware.

               See this knowledgeBase article: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7035/kw/server%20import%20records

               But you could set up a FileMaker "Robot" file with an OS based scheduling utility to do such exports on a regular schedule. The Robot file would have a script set to run "onFirstwindowOpen" that performs a script in your hosted file that exports the data. Since it runs as a "client" instead of as a "host", the limitations documented in the KB article do not apply.

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                 Hello again, I got through list of scripts so many times and I didn't notice "perform script on server". So this is the function I needed and it's working.