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Run calculation for each field in a table?

Question asked by madmike6537 on Nov 24, 2013
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Run calculation for each field in a table?




     I am wondering if I can run a calculation for each field that is in a table? I have a table with a bunch of fields that are checkboxes. If checked, they equal 1. 

     I want to go through each field, and if it equals 1, I want to show it on a report. If it doesnt equal 1, I dont want to show it at all. Assuming I can do that, I will need a way to figure out how to display the field name in a better way, because the way I have them saved internally is not how I would want to display them. Is it possible to access the comments of a field through calculation code somehow? This way I could enter the way I want them to display as a comment and use that in my report?


     Thoughts on how I could implement this? Thanks!