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Run Script without moving to other layout !!!

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 12, 2012
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Run Script without moving to other layout !!!


     I chek record (what I want to export) from the big layout " CArs" But I have to export records from another layout"Export Request"; what I need to do is, go to the layout " Export Request" and export record in same time I want to still in "cars" Layout.
     however , I want to run this script from my loyout " Cars " [ just running scripts and I don't moving to oanother layout]

     "Go to Layout [Export Request] // this is the layout from what we export records!!

     New Record/Request

     Set field [ExportRequest::SelectionList ; Globals::gSelectionList]

     Export Records...

     SendMail ....

     End "

     is that possible??