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running 3rd party programs in filemaker cross platform

Question asked by gunnerstudio on Apr 6, 2009
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running 3rd party programs in filemaker cross platform


Hey. Im running a 3rd party server program (web server Abyss) to start a localhost sequence in my filemaker database so i can run a PHP page within the database. smart or not. (please give feedback) I dont know, but it works like a charm. I got the version for mac and PC saved in the runtime folder in filemaker 10 advanced. 


Question. Im going to publish this file as a runtime. cross platfrom. i need a validation so the database can figure out if the database is running on a mac or a PC so database can choose which file to open. and I also woulder if there is a script that can close the same program on database exit? I already have a exit script but haven't found a way to close the application.


and when it comes to creating runtime files. Im currently using PC. can i create a runtime file for MAC on a PC?