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    Running a Calculation in a Script



      Running a Calculation in a Script


      I will have to create some new reports that contain a number of calculations.

      I was wondering if it would be more efficient to write scrips that can be started with a script trigger when the report starts.

      Simple example I can run with it.

      I have a fields called Cabspercent = 10.00 or 10%

      I have another field called Revenue = $100.00

      I have a field called RMK_Result = the answer $10.00

      Can you help me with this.. I'm sure you know a slick way to do it.

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          Don't quite follow what you want to do here. Can you explain in more detail?

          It's certainly possible to set up a report layout with a script so that the script performs a find for records that meet specified criteria and to then sort these records for proper grouping and order in the report. Don't see what that has to do with "running a calculation in script", so I think that I am missing something here.