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Running a script from a certain machine

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Jun 5, 2015
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Running a script from a certain machine


Hi There,

I have a bit of a strange issue. I need to run a script on a PC due to an ODBC connector that needs to access a MS Access DB. I have been able to get the script to import data from the Access DB using the Import script step via ODBC and write to the Access DB using the ExecuteSQL script step. The only issue is that this works fine from the Windows FM Pro 14, but my client uses a Mac and doesn't really want to use a PC. I tried to schedule the script to run on FMServer, but the server says that it could not open the file. 

On the PC I am running FM Server 14, FM Pro 14, and finger print software (AccessDB). On the Mac I am only running FM Pro14. During my dev I have been mainly working on the PC as I had to work with the ODBC driver. I then tested it from my Mac and found that the script which imports data from Access DB into FM fails. I never bothered trying the script that updates the Access DB as I am sure the same thing will happen. 

I need to find out the best way I can work my solution. I have a feeling it might mean trying to write a script that if the it is run on the Mac, then call a script on the server that runs a batch script (I think), which would launch FM Pro on the Windows machine where the Server is, and then run the required script. The main issue is that I have not done anything like this before so i am not to sure if I am on the right track or not. 

I have been thinking about it, and the script that imports from the Access DB, can be either triggered by a button, or set to run at certain intervals, as this script will just be updating my FM solution with the entry times from the finger print software. 

Then I am going to need to have another set of scripts that update the Access DB. This will be when new users are added to the FM solution, or a users access time is increase or decreased, or if a user gets deleted. I have been able to write to the Access DB via the ExecuteSQL() but only on Windows FM 14 not the Mac. 

If anyone can give me any advice or point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.