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Running a script overnight

Question asked by RobertRichmond on Jul 24, 2013
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Running a script overnight



     I was wanting to find out if there is a way that one could have a script run overnight to send emails with a generated PDF? I was origianlly wanting the FM Server to take care of it, but it appears that the server cannot do this (am I wrong?).

     Our users will be using Filemaker during the day, and we were wanting to generate a PDF of a teachers timetable and email it to them. I understand that this may be very CPU intensive which may cause other users of filemaker issues in relation to speed accessing the server (correct me again if I am wrong).

     Is it possible perhaps to have a machine which is always on(running Filemaker Pro)  take care of these jobs overnight perhaps? Could the be assigned to this user account perhaps?

     Just trying to figure out if there is another option......