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Running Apple Script

Question asked by Roger_1 on Jan 7, 2013


Running Apple Script




                                   I got this script to do what I wanted but I don't like having to use the clipboard although it's not a major problem.

                                   The scrip takes the path from a filemaker pro field and converts it, then calls exiftools with that path to get the creation date of the image. I only need the last 19 characters of the return from exiftools. Then paste that date into another field.

                                   I would appreciate suggestions on how to improve the script or maybe a different approach.






#Convert file path

Set Variable [ $FilePath; Value:RWellsImages::FilePath ]

Set Variable [ $FilePath; Value:Substitute ( $FilePath; "file://" ; "/Volumes/" ) ]

Set Field [ RWellsImages::WorkField; $FilePath ]

#copy file path to clipboard for use in applescript

Copy [ RWellsImages::WorkField ] [ Select ]


#run apple script and exiftool

Perform AppleScript [ Native AppleScript: -- get file
                                   set FilePath to the clipboard
                                   set FilePath to quoted form of POSIX path of FilePath

set TheScript to ""

-- set script
                                   set TheScript to "exiftool -CreateDate -MetadataDate " & FilePath
                                   -- run script
                                   set ScriptResult to do shell script TheScript 
                                   display dialog ScriptResult
                                   set the clipboard to ScriptResult ]


#paste clipboard to work field then select only the last 19 characters for the date and time.

Paste [ RWellsImages::WorkField ] [ Select ]

Set Field [ RWellsImages::When; Right ( RWellsImages::WorkField ; 19) ]