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    Running Balance



      Running Balance


      I am fairly new to FMP and I am using FMP Advanced 10.0 v3 on my Imac OSX 10.6.2.  

      What I am trying to do is to establish a running balance based on lineitem transactions like a checkbook register and have tried the "checkbook Example with Running Balance" dated Oct. 31, 2007.  Now either  I do not understand the example clearly enough or something because I find that if the data is previously existing in the table then the previous balance does not calculate.  If I add a new record the index field seems to generate and the calc index seems to calculate the index field value less 1.


      I am not sure about the lookup feature with the field Previous Bal. ?

      I am assuming the initial table used call it "Budget" has an occurrence of the same call it "Current" and the two are related via the field called index. 


      I would appreciate any information regarding if this method is even close or maybe I am in left field and the solution is not there...


      Thanks for any help available and if there is any other info that I might have not provided or can provide. 

      David Kennedy 

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          "checkbook Example with Running Balance"


          Was this a thread in this forum, a knowledge base article or something else?


          Without knowing the details of what you've attempted, it's pretty hard to suggest any specific help.

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            a knowledge base article

             Checkbook Example with Running Balance

            Answer ID   5030  





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              Thanks, That's a very old example (note the versions listed at the top) and filemaker has changed quite a bit since then.


              Here's a better way to get the running balance to calculate: (and I used it in versions older than 5.5 too).


              Define a field of type summary. Set it to compute the "total of" your Amt Calc field. Select the running total option.


              Put this field in a list layout to see your check ledger type entries compute a running balance.


              (If you need to group your entries and see the running total start over with each group, you can do that also.)



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                Thanks for the answer to my efforts of trying all day today to solve the running total, I really began to think that my 15 years spent with  FoxBase+ for the old Macs and Foxpro was really for nothing.   And you solved this problem in the blink of an eye ...

                thanks Mr. Phil...


                Sincerely An Old database junkie trying to be reborn at my age of 60


                David Kennedy 

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                  Thanks Phil.


                  Like you, davekk, I also learned programming from BASIC to dbase to Clipper to MS Access in my younger days, but this Filemaker is so easy to use to make a program that sometimes I have to unlearn what I learned.  My concept is way off from what Filemaker does it and afterwards, I realize it is so much easier!


                  This gets me excited again to learn and use programming again by using Filemaker.


                  Btw, this is just a hobby of mine, making programs for personal use at work and sharing it with colleagues.




                  Hi again.


                  I tried Phil's suggestion on a new database and it works like a charm.


                  I have the fields date, voucher no, voucher amount and balance (this is the running balance)


                  But after I enter the amount in voucher amount the balance field goes blank. When I had several records, all the records' balance goes blank.  When I click the blank field, the calculation appears. The calculation is correct but I can't get over with the "black out" of fields. 


                  If I close the database and re-open it, all the balance appears, and the calculation is accurate.  What did I miss?

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                    That's the nature of the beast. The running balance won't calculate as long as you have a record open for editing. When you commit the record, it'll recalculate and display the new totals.