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Running Balance

Question asked by davekk on Feb 5, 2010
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Running Balance


I am fairly new to FMP and I am using FMP Advanced 10.0 v3 on my Imac OSX 10.6.2.  

What I am trying to do is to establish a running balance based on lineitem transactions like a checkbook register and have tried the "checkbook Example with Running Balance" dated Oct. 31, 2007.  Now either  I do not understand the example clearly enough or something because I find that if the data is previously existing in the table then the previous balance does not calculate.  If I add a new record the index field seems to generate and the calc index seems to calculate the index field value less 1.


I am not sure about the lookup feature with the field Previous Bal. ?

I am assuming the initial table used call it "Budget" has an occurrence of the same call it "Current" and the two are related via the field called index. 


I would appreciate any information regarding if this method is even close or maybe I am in left field and the solution is not there...


Thanks for any help available and if there is any other info that I might have not provided or can provide. 

David Kennedy