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Running Balance Question and reference book

Question asked by PeterDowns on Apr 6, 2011
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Running Balance Question and reference book



Have a table tblnetworkInitiativesBudget that collects groups of budget items that are related by niID. I want to add up a running balance of all the items costs against a total expenditure. 

I made up a running balance calculation field with formula 

runningBalance = Totalfunds - Sum ( costing )

At the moment if the runningbalance field is part of the portal layout it actually will calculate a running balance but only against that record on it's line. If I take it out of the portal layout it only gives me the balance agains the first record.

Two things

I have multiple budget groups of records related by niID so I need to differentiate between the groups to add up the balance.

And I need the running balance to update automatically as I add in new budget items into various groups.

Thanks in advance



PS Can anyone recommend a good book that goes way beyond the basics and has good examples for FMP11