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    Running FileMaker Advanced on Windows Server



      Running FileMaker Advanced on Windows Server



      The system requirements for FileMaker Advanced do not refer to its installation on a computer running Windows Server. Does anyone know if this is feasible?

      I need to replace an aging Mac that we use for running jobs in FileMaker. It's a computer with no monitor and a number of users can control it remotely via Timbuktu. We largely use this computer to send emails via SMTP-it (plugin) and download data from Oracle databases via ODBC, and these functions would remain the same.

      I'm looking at replacing this computer with a virtual Windows machine that we can control using Remote Desktop Connection. Our IT department prefers to install virtual machines with Windows Server operating systems, rather than hosting a regular Windows OS.

      However, I can't find any information on whether it is feasible to run FileMaker Advanced (it would be version 11) on Windows Server 2003 or 2008.

      Any comments, anyone?

      -- Peter

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          Filemaker Advanced or FileMaker Server Advanced?

          FileMaker Advanced offers no advantages for hosting files over FileMaker Pro so there's no need to spend the extra $$ on FileMaker Advanced just to host files from a server.

          FileMaker Server Advanced on the other hand should list windows server in its specs--something you can find in the knowledge base.

          If you have already purchased a copy of FileMaker Advanced for this purpose, the specs for FileMaker Pro will apply here as they are exactly the same program, but Pro has the value added developer features disabled (That's my understanding anyway.)

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            Thanks PhilModJunk.

            This proposed setup is for running FileMaker/FileMaker Advanced, not FMS/FMSA. This computer won't be hosting or serving databases; it will just be running FileMaker like you would on your desktop computer, but for time-consuming processes (like sending emails or reprocessing many records) or jobs that require access through a firewall (better to limit to one machine than many). Many people may end up using this computer.

            So, I'm still wondering if FileMaker/FileMaker Advanced will run on a Windows Server.

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              I have it installed on a Windows Server 2008 machine where it opens and runs a robot file once a night after hours. (DB is not published to the web.) It runs just fine.

              There will be no need to use FileMaker Advanced for this. Advanced has added features that make it easier to develop a database, but offers no advantages to for those who only need to use the database.

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                Thanks very much for that confirmation.

                This server may occasionally be used for development work, such as stepping through scripts that need to run in that environment, hence the need for Advanced. I didn't mean to cloud the primary issue, but thanks for the bonus comments.  :-)