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Running Reports in IWP

Question asked by lime_tree on Dec 7, 2011
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Running Reports in IWP



I have recently finished a sales database and published it online. The problem that I am having is reporting - I have about 15 different reports that I can run smoothly from the File Maker software, but only a couple of them work on the online versions of the database.

I have checked compatibility of the scripts with web and there are no greyed-ut steps. I also compared the script language between the scripts that work and those that do not and could not find anything different.

Has anyone experienced the same problem and is it possible to solve?

An example of a script that works on both, FM and IWP is a Search script:

- If source of contact = source #1, then perform find etc.

An example of script that does not work in IWP is Overdue:

- If date due < today's date, then perform find etc.

I am aware that sub-summary reprots cannot be shown in IWP, but these reports are quite simple, resulting in a single, unsummarized list. I am wondering what I am missing.

Thanks for your help.