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Running Serial Number

Question asked by Stereoinitials on Sep 4, 2009
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Running Serial Number


1.  If a key primary ID of a record which actually refers to the project ID (Number type) is Indexed and Auto-Enter Serial, what happens if user needs to override the serial number in cases where the project has been canned for example?


eg.  1022,  1023,  1024,  1025,  1026... and 1027 is cancelled,.. the user would like the next project record to maybe start from 1028



2.  With the same primary ID as the project ID (indexed),.. I would like to have Job No. to be in running serial too... however, not every record has the job number.  How do I create a button activated script to commit a job number for a particular record by referring to the last record job no. and run from there.


eg.  Project ID  111  ,  112  ,  113  ,  114  ,  115  and Job No for ID 111 is 23, however ID 112-114 has no job nos., objective is now to create a job ie. 24 for ID 115