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Running Summary

Question asked by martinpaulrice on Nov 28, 2009
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Running Summary


While trying to figure out how to do something a bit more complex, I set up a trial table called Running Balance with just two fields:


EnterAmount - Number

Sum of Amount - Summary = Total of EnterAmount (running)


If I enter a figure in EnterAmount, nothing appears in Sum of Amount if I tab out of EnterAmount, that is, everything in the Sum of Amount field disappears. If I then leave the layout and return to it, all the figures in the Sum of Amount field are again visible. But as soon as I enter an amount and tab, they're all gone again.


I can see that this would be ok if all I wanted was a report, but what I'm after is to see the running total of the amounts entered in EnterAmount as I keep entering new records.


So it seems as though I'm setting this up wrong. How do I need to approach these fields in order to get what I'm looking for?


Thanks in advance.