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    Running total



      Running total


      Info: OS X v 10.7.4
              FM 12.0v1
              Intermediate user

      I have a report which uses a running total of a cash balance. As long as I start the report from the first transaction in the database, the running total works as expected. However, if I start the report from a date which is not the start date, the running total starts from zero and not from the actual running total at that point. Is there a way to correct this?

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          Not easily. The running total summary field, like any other summary field, is defined to summarize the found set.

          To get the summary total you describe here, might require using actual numbers stored in a number field as the result of running a script that loops through all the records in your table. You'd need to use a script to update such a field any time you add/delete/change a record.