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    Running Total in Sub Summary Report



      Running Total in Sub Summary Report


           I would like to display a running total on a sub summary field.

           The layout is showing records from table Join_Issues_Assigned. All fields are from Join_Issues_Mentioned

           The first column is from field Issues Mentioned.

           Column 2 (Count) is a Summary field (Summary_Count_Issues) that counts Issues Mentioned

           Column 3 (% of all Issues) is a Calculation field (unstored) GetSummary(Summary_Count_Issues; Issues Mentioned)/Get(TotalRecordCount)

           Column 4 (Running Total) is not working. It's defined as a Summary field =Total of Percent of Total (running)

           I would like to display the result in column 4 as a %. Not sure why it's displaying a hashtag.


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               The hash tag is probably an option specified in data formatting. Maybe the % character got replaced with # there.

               I'm trying to get my head around a running total of a percent. That doesn't seem like a useful value. I can't quite reproduce your math form just the data shown. I must assume that your screen shot doesn't show all the issues for the data you are using in this example.

               I don't see any simple field types/settings that will produce what you want either....