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    Running total, bottom to top



      Running total, bottom to top


           Novice here; please be VERY specific with answers.

           Table has fields of: Date, Amt and Running Total

           What I want: When I sort based on date with newest date at the top of my portal display, I'd like the most recent running total amount to ALSO be at the top.

           Currently my portal shows the the latest balance at the bottom of the list regardless of the date sort I perform.

           TIA for any assistance.


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               This question intrigued me so I did a little experiment and got it to work.

               Let's say that the field from which you want to calculate your reverse order running total is called "Value".

               Define a summary field, sTotal as the Total of Value.

               Define a second summary field, sRunningTotal as the Total of Value, but specify that it be a running total.

               Define a calculation field, cReverseRunningTotal as:

               sTotal - sRunningTotal + Value

               And this calculation field will produce your reverse order running total.

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                 This worked wonderfully!

                 Thanks for being there,