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Running Totals

Question asked by ProfV on Dec 7, 2010
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Running Totals




I am in the process of creating a Database that tracks budgets. And I'm having a problem with keeping a running total on a certain account. For example :

Starting Balance for Account 249- Supplies - $2,000

Entry 1: 100 Remaining Balance= 1,900

Entry 2: 500 Remaining Balance 1,400

Entry 3: 350 Remaning Balance 1,050

If any one can help me with this problem it would be a ton of help! And if you need me to explain more please let me know!

 Also I am using File Maker Pro 9 ov3 on a Windows computer.


I have perviously tired to do a simple calculation of

Remaining Balance= Starting Balance- Vendor Quote

But it's just giving me that calculation just for that line instead of a summary for the entire account! Thanks in advance