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Running totals for sports carnival

Question asked by tomo17 on Jun 23, 2011
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Running totals for sports carnival


Trying to get a carnival database to have running point total for each team at the bottom of a results layout.  Not quite sure how to go about it.  I have tried using sub summary on the layout or trailing summary set ups but not working.

Here is my set up

Table one - Athletes

Fields - Name, Age, Gender, Athlete ID_Name, Team

Table two - Event results

Fields - Athlete iD_Name, House, Place, Points, Performance, Total Points (summary of points)

The layout for results collection comes from a third table which is the event program and has event information and then uses a portal to show athletes participating and performances

I am able to get these total points by team on another report layout but want it at the bottom of the results sheet as well so that we have an ongoing view of points.

Do i need to/can i add in another portal?  Should i use lookup fields?  To be honest i am just stuck on where to begin to do this!!

Many thanks for advice