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    Running two lists of addresses to find matches



      Running two lists of addresses to find matches


           I'm new to FileMaker and would appreciate any help on this question. Right now I have a database open made from an imported Excel spreadsheet of housing data. One of the Excel columns/FileMaker fields is home address. I have another spreadsheet with a list of home addresses that I'd like FileMaker to compare with the address field in the first data set and find any matches. Basically, I'd like FileMaker to tell me all of the addresses that show up on both lists. Can FileMaker do this, and if so, how?

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               In FileMaker you can define two tables linked with a pair of text fields as the match fields in the relationship. Those match fields can be your address fields. If you have city, state, street, postal code all in different fields, you can use them all as match fields in the same relationship.

               Then you can set up a layout based on one of the two tables add a field from the other table to the layout and perform a find for all records where that added field is not blank or missing.